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Hope on the horizon for the Conservative Party. By Patrick Harris.

by on July 15, 2012

With another apparent bad week for the Conservative Party there is little wonder why there are rumblings over the leadership in the Conservative Party. Crisis of confidence is a common thing in any organisation, especially in the main political parties. The last few months have seen the Prime Minister experience a particularly rough period. Observers of politics will know that elections are only lost by the party in power.

With the next General Election in 2015 there is still a plenty of time left for the Conservative Party to re-establish momentum in the polls and more importantly regain the faith and trust of the general public. A YouGov poll on 9th July 2012 showed that the Labour Party support had fallen by five points to a lead of 9. Although hardly a significant vote of confidence to the Tory leadership, it is at least an encouraging step in the right direction.

The way the economy moves in the next fiscal year and how the country responds to the Eurozone crisis will determine the future of the Conservative Party electoral credibility. The deciding point at the next General Election will certainly be which party is expected to handle the economy most effectively? I for one remain unconvinced about the substance of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls as individual leaders and as a leadership partnership especially in these economic times. They are in sharp contrast with the strong individual and strong partnership brought to the table by Blair and Brown in 1997 when so many were disgruntled with the Major Government.

The vision of the Coalition is ambitious, yes, but at least the country has some idea of what to expect and can debate the party’s ideas. Even though Ed Miliband has been scoring some glancing blows over the last few months, questions still remain over the political impact and the staying power of his leadership and his partnership with Ed Balls. This failure should be used to gain traction because unless the Labour party starts producing an alternative vision or substantive policy ideas it could be a long road ahead for the Labour leadership.

What is clear, however, is that the Coalition Government cannot afford to make any more serious blunders or mistakes. This is easier said than done but with Cameron being put on the back foot by Ed Miliband it is now more important than ever for the Prime Minister to show that the Coalition Government and the Conservative Party has credibility.


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