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No working class in parliament. By Richard Price

by on July 3, 2012

There has been much analysis of race and gender representation in parliament – but the inescapable fact is that there is virtually not one working class elected as an MP in this parliament. A third of all MPs were privately educated and the rest are as representative of our class as the eight men negotiating now over our future government. When they begin to implement the cuts coming our way this blatant class divide between those making the cuts and those taking them may make for a bit of class analysis to reappear on the scene. Or maybe not.

If you ask me it is high time the issue is addressed and took as seriously as representation of gender and race. And this is no longer just a Conservative problem; all three main political parties are increasingly putting forward candidates who are not ‘naturally’ working class or who little or no life experience. There is a big difference between someone who goes from college onto university and then onto land a ‘cushty’ job and rides the gravy train as opposed to someone who has done lower scale jobs, has done manual work, dirty work and hard graft. And there is a big difference between someone who has gone through life with little or no hindrance and has secured what they want with relative ease as opposed to someone who has been near to the bottom and has struggled and fought their way to the top.

We all should be able to talk constructively on this without it being labeled as irrelevant. So much has been done to increase representation of Females and ethnic minorities’ therefore I believe we should do more to represent social class. Because I believe this is an underlying factor for Scotland’s dislike for Westminster; they feel that Westminster is full of politicians who can’t really relate to them. And the same should be said of the North of England. Having been born and bred in Yorkshire I can tell you now that the vast majority of people in Yorkshire feel disconnected because they can’t take a cabinet seriously when the vast majority of them come from privileged backgrounds. Backgrounds where all most all of the government have gone to expensive private universities and have never had to really struggle. So when they implement cuts on the back of the poor and working class they subsequently go on to cut the last thread of respect they have from the working class.

But understand this; I wouldn’t like to see a witch hunt of the privileged and chase them out of parliament. I believe these people should also be there because yes they are highly intelligent and articulate and are a great benefit to our parliament. But we shouldn’t ever let parliament be dominated by one social class. So therefore I think it is high time we have an increase in representation of real working class hero’s.

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