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The Incumbent vs. the Conservatives. By Oliver Miles Antingham

by on May 13, 2012

The race for the presidency of the United States of America has begun. Mitt Romney emerged as the presumptive candidate after defeating his opponents one by one, many admitting defeat and suspending their campaigns, unwilling to fight until the end. He now sits as the Republicans opponent to the incumbent Obama. It’s a race, which currently the polls place very close; it’s a race of the incumbent vs. the conservative. With no clear winner, the following months until November 2012 are set to be full of intense campaigning, heated debates and cut-throat commentary but who is ready; if either, for the presidency.

After his defeat in 2008, it was only right that Mitt Romney would emerge as the presumptive candidate for the Republicans, the rule goes that those defeated in previous campaigns wait in line for the next time, Romney has done so successfully. He was always seen as the main contender and only real candidate from day one. But his sceptics have remained throughout. The fears that he is not conservative enough buzz through the Republican party, he does little to deter this image with a moderate stance on homosexuality and abortion, as well as the notorious health care bill that resembles much of Obama’s. This bill continues to haunt and dog Romney as does the calls of his suspected Mormon values.

But that aside, Romney is seen as strong. Starting with the basics, he perfectly fits the look of a traditional president, he has a strong political route to this day, his father famously lost the Republican nomination and he has been a governor for some time. He also boasts credentials as a successful businessman. He is noted to be a technocrat and would run the US like a company, the CEO-President some say. Something many feel is needed in the harsh economic times. Romney’s campaign is based on creating jobs and stimulating the economy, repairing the US to growth and development. A successful businessman who will run America as a technocratic entrepreneurial president with the knowledge of how to kick start the economy. Further Romney also does possess a regarded quality. His resilience. After being defeated in the 2008 Republican presidential campaign by Jon McCain, Mitt still pursued a second attempt to which he has now emerged as the presumptive winner.
Further to that, he has faced barrages of scepticism, hunt’s for alternatives, demand for a different approach and through it all, he stands as the candidate to oppose Obama, with such resilience so far, he looks set to fight to the very end, for every vote.

Romney is looking strong, similar to that of Obama in 2008, he is carrying momentum, which is increasing daily. Opponents from his own party are beginning to rally behind him knowing the only way to the white house is to support the more liberal conservative. And most importantly Romney’s campaign is aided by the fact that Barack Obama hasn’t exactly had the most impressive term in office, amongst high unemployment, low economic growth and huge opposition from a dominantly Republican House, Barack has had few moments to celebrate as President. He has lost much of the support that landed him into office in 2008, and he has little to promote his 2012 campaign with.

Obama as the incumbent has looked increasingly unsteady, recent polls differ with varying results, but all offer a close race. Obama is on the back foot, he has everything to loose, and with little credit to his last four years, Obama is seen as fumbling in opposition, attacking Romney rather than his policy. Many see past the charisma that carried him before, the speeches with humble messages of change. Obama has not delivered, and he shows no signs of future deliverance. From this analysis, the result seems clean cut, Romney as president, Obama has done little and fumbled, he is on the back foot. 2012 is Romney’s for the taking, he just faces one last problem, It’s not the choice between Obama of himself, the incumbent or the conservative. But the question for the American electorate is ‘Is America ready for a Republican President again?’

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  1. Spyros permalink

    A man who believes that Jesus went to the American continent and taught his religion to Native Americans in charge of the US and a nuclear army. May the Force be with us if that happens.

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