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What a farce! By Sajidah Patel

by on April 21, 2012

The recent controversy surrounding Abu Qatada and his human right to stay in the UK has once again bought to the fore the question of human rights. Is human rights being taken too far to the extent that it is now being abused?

One thing the Abu Qatada case has proven is that the Western worlds stance on human rights is open to abuse. How can a man who preaches evil and condones terrorism be allowed to stay in a country that has embarked on a war against terror? The European court of human rights decision to over rule the UK governments attempt to deport him was met by anger and frustration by many people inside and outside of Westminster. When the UK signed the Human Rights Act it did so to protect the rights of innocent civilians, not to enable people like Abu Qatada to use it against them. Abu Qatada who is wanted on charges on plotting bomb attacks in Jordan should not have been given the chance to appeal his deportation.

In the West, the human rights act sets a standard that all States have to adhere to. However, in areas of the world such as South-Asia and the Middle-East the idea of human rights is frowned upon. Abu Qatada is most probably a man who laughs at the idea of human rights so it is disgusting to see that he is now using the excuse of ‘human rights’ to stay in a country that does not want him. People like Abu Qatada use ‘human rights’ for their own benefit, yet they abuse the rights of others. Why should a man who has preached violence be allowed to use the human rights act? Why should the UK tax payers fund his stay in the UK when they do not want him here? The fact that human rights even come into consideration over a case like Abu Qatada’s is an insult to everyone who fought for human rights. It is an insult to civilians in Syria, Libya and Egypt who are fighting tooth and nail for their human rights.

Human rights is a necessity in this world, but only for innocent civilians, not for those people who abuse the right to live of others. The Abu Qatadas of this world lost their human rights when they began to preach hatred, violence, terror and murder. They abuse human rights thus they should not be given the grounds of ‘human rights’ whether fighting deportation at the ECHR or fighting against plotting bomb attacks in a court in Jordan.


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